Torchlight 10W (900 Lumens)

HEYCO (Germany)

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10 watt LED black anodized torchlight with high energy efficiency and stronger output than regular 10W torchlight.

Splash-proof housing prevents short circuits in wet environments.
Adjustable zoom function for a focused or broad beam.

3 different power modes:
Normal Mode (100 %) / 900 LM
Power saving mode (50%) / 450 LM
Stroboscope (Flashing) mode

Length 245 mm, head diameter 50 mm, weight incl. batteries (3x D-Cell) 800 g, batteriesĀ  included

Excellent for security, building maintenance and other auxiliary functions.



Length: 245 mm, head diameter 50 mm
Weight: 800g (incl. batteries 3x D-Cell)
10W Cree LED
Zoom function
Black anodized
Power modes: 100 % / 900 LM, power safe mode 50% / 450 LM, stroboscope mode
Batteries and belt pouch included

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