Power Tool Selection Guides

Here is a short selection guide to make sure you pick the right tool for your purpose.

Drilling holes Rotary Hammer Drill (up to Concrete) , Percussion Drill (Wood & Metal)
Screwing Impact Driver , Installation Kit
Hacking Breaking Hammer , Circular Saw , Reciprocating Saw
Impact Driver , Impact Wrench , Impact Ratchet , Torque Wrench
Breaking Seized Bolts
Impact Wrench
Punching holes
Percussion Drill , Magnetic Drill Press
Cutting Threaded Rod Cutter , Metal Shears ,
Circular Saw , Mitre Saw , Jigsaw ,
Reciprocating SawRotary Tool
Sanding & Polishing Orbital Sander , Belt Sander , Polisher
Grinding Angle Grinder , Die GrinderRotary Tool
Riveting Rivet Tool
Nailing Finish Nailer
Cleaning Wet Dry Vacuum , Backpack Vacuum , Drain Cleaner
Landscaping Blowers , Pruning Saw , Chain Saw

Depending on your material, you may want to pick a stronger version (18V) or a more compact version (12V). Some tools have 12V and 18V versions.