Measurement Guide

Here is a quick guide for measuring tool selection.

For the purposes of simplicity, we will not include the range of measurement. Resolution refers to how fine the smallest unit of measurement is displayed on the product.

Length Measurement

This occurs when you are measuring a work piece horizontally or vertically.

Resolution Product
1mm Circometer (Pipe Measuring) , Measuring Tape , Laser Distance Tape
0.5mm Rulers
0.01mm Digital Caliper
0.001mm  Digital Micrometer , Vernier Caliper (Special request)


Depth Measurement

This is used to measure the depth of parts

Resolution Product
0.05mm Depth Gauge
0.01mm Thread Depth Gauge , Keyway Caliper
0.001mm Digital Dial Indicator , Depth Micrometer (Special Request)


Tolerance measurement

This is used to measure the depth of parts or gaps between parts.

Resolution Product
Feeler Gauges , Jet Gauge
0.01mm Dial Indicator , Digital Dial IndicatorThickness Gauges
Digital Dial Indicator

Flatness tolerance can also be measured in conjunction with straight edges.

Internal Measurement

For measuring bores, and bore length tolerances as well as other internal measurements.

Resolution Product
0.01mm Bore Gauge , Digital Vernier Caliper (Grooves) (Request)Digital Caliper

Digital Dial Indicator with Bore Gauge (Request) , Telescopic Gauge


Coating Thickness Measurement

This occurs when you are the thickness of a coating on an object. This can be powder coated materials, or painted materials. Also can apply to measuring the thickness of bare workpiece.

Resolution Product
0.01mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
0.001mm (1um) Coating Thickness Gauge (good for powder coated materials)


Thickness Measurement

This occurs when you are the thickness of a workpiece.

Resolution Product
0.01mm Quicktest Gauge
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


Angle Measurement

This is used to measure angles on 2 workpieces

Resolution Product
0.1 degree Protractor
0.01 degree Digital Protractor


Rotation Speed Measurement

This is used to measure the speed and revolutions of mechanical rotating parts

Resolution Product
rotation / minute Digital Tachometer


Flatness Measurement (2 Axis)

This is used to make sure the plane that the machine is working on is stable and balanced. Measures both X and Y axis. These products can also measure inclination (or angle on a single piece)

Resolution Product
0.01 degree DWL 2000XY , DWL 3000XY
0.001 degree  DWL 1500XY , DWL 3500XYDWL 8500XY

For this range the accuracy depends on the model and is often measured in mm/m. A product with 0.2mm/m is usually requested. We have products up to 0.005mm/m or about 5 arc second.


Surface Topography 

This measures how to surface looks like and can cover multiple aspects.

Measuring Product
Roughness Roughness Tester
Mapping of surfaces
DWL 8500XY (produce map on screen)