Anemometer Digital Vogel Germany

Digital Anemometer with Temperature Sensor

VOGEL (Germany)

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VOGEL Digital Anemometer is used to test the wind speeds for different industries and applications. It can be used both outdoors and indoors for quick and easy assessments.

This anemometer can be used to test and check airflow from HVAC units or commercial air conditioners. It is also used widely in the shipping and construction sector to assess wind speeds.


  • Multiple Units of Wind Speed Selections (m/s; Ft/min; Knots; Km/h; Mph) also with Beaufort Scale Display
  • External Impeller and Cord to measure hard to reach areas
  • Rugged Polyamide Housing and Tripod Mounting Screw for outdoor use
  • Max.value, Data Hold button, Average and Current Speed modes
    for convenience in testing
  • Large LCD Backlit Display gives clear reading and for taking photos
  • Temperature Measurements with °C and °F


Wind speed: 0.3 ~ 45 m/s
Wing volume range: 0 ~ 999900
Resolution speed: 0.1 m/s
Resolution Temperature: 0.2 °C
Max. total accuracy wing speed: ± 0.1 digits
Max. total accuracy Temperatur: ± 2 °C
Dimension: 160 mm x 62 mm x 35 mm
incl. 1x 9 V battery with operation manual

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