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AUTOSOL (Germany)

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Autosol Bike Care Kit is specially assembled to be an all-in-one to clean and restore bicycles. Get a fresh and well maintained bicycle you enjoy riding and are proud to share with your friends. Leak free spray nozzles for all products prevent accidental spillage during transport or storage. 

All products have been tested extensively for material compatibility. They can be safely applied to all areas of the bicycle including areas with carbon fiber, plastic, steel and aluminum.

Environmentally responsible choice. Microplastic free chemicals means you do your part for the environment. No propellant is used, safe for the environment and safe for storage!

Bike Care Kit includes:
1 x Waterless Cleaner (500ml) - No rinsing required! Simply spray and wipe surface
1 x Power Cleaner (500ml) - Gel like cleaner that removes stubborn dirt and mud
1 x Chain Grease (50ml) - Wet-Dry bike lubricant keeps chains running smoothly
1 x Spray Wax (250ml) - Restore the colour depth and shine of your bike
1 x Long Term Sealant (150ml) - Seal your bike against weathering and corrosion
Made in Germany.

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