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Starting an engineering workshop in Singapore

Starting an engineering workshop in Singapore

1. Industrial Zone Classification

Singapore classifies industrial zones according to their noise level. There are two major zones you need to be aware about.

B1 Zones: these zones are designed for light industrial use. They can be in flatted factories and often have less restrictions on workspace and office requirements. If you are thinking of doing quiet work such as calibration services, or looking to set up a manual assembly line, B1 spaces are great!   


B2 Zones: If you are working on metal cutting, or other "noisy" work - do filter your activities to industrial zones classified with B2. This is important as you could face heavy fines and even get evicted if your . These zones also usually located further from residential property and you should consider transport options for yourself and your team. These units often come with higher ceilings (6m) for you to install the needed racking for storage and overhead cranes if your business requires.



2. Infrastructure

When shifting your workshop, it's essential to assess the infrastructure and amenities of the new location. Singapore generally has very reliable utilities supply, however, do watch out for areas that have poor mobile phone data connection. It is a huge inconvenience to you and your customers.

Additionally, consider the availability of essential things like loading bays, loading lifts and how often they are used. Another tenant who is unstuffing a container may use the loading lifts for more than an hour continuously, preventing you from getting your supplies to your unit if it is on the upper levels.


3. Talk to Other Tenants

Before renting a property, you can find out a lot of information about issues of traffic, how the facilities are being maintained. 

Focus on these factors in your targeted industrial area 

  • Are there adequate parking lots available? If you drive, or expect to have customers coming over - this is critical to know
  • Are there any issues with traffic within the building? Singapore has lots of built up industrial complexes that are sometimes poorly designed. The last thing you need is no way to get to your office.
  • Are the loading bays always full? This often gives you a good gauge of the mix of tenants in the building and also whether you will have issues getting supplies
  • Are there rules regarding refuse disposal? This is quite important if you have sensitive waste material, or often have to dispose of production byproduct. 
  • Are there times they avoid due to traffic? The last thing you need is to spend 10 minutes getting out of the building you have set up and continuing onto a jam on the expressway.

4. Future Growth and Expansion

As an engineer, you're always looking towards the future. When choosing a new workshop location, consider the potential for growth and expansion. Look for areas that are experiencing development and have a thriving engineering community. By positioning yourself in a location with growth opportunities, you'll be able to tap into a network of like-minded professionals and open doors to exciting collaborations.


5. Know what you are getting

Speak to the real estate agent in detail. Is the carpark lot included in the floor area? Are there additional building charges? What processes do you need to begin renovation and fittings? What exactly is the built up area? Check these and speak with the building management to find out more information before you place a deposit confirming your interest.

Good Luck!



Embrace the Excitement and Upgrade Your Tools

Setting up a new workshop in Singapore is not just about the logistics – it's about embracing the excitement of change and the chance to upgrade your tools. Take this opportunity to invest in good and durable equipment that will enhance your capabilities and improve the quality of your work. With new tools at your disposal, you'll be able to tackle engineering challenges with renewed vigor and achieve greater success.

If you need some tools or some planning to make your workshop look professional and up to date, drop us a line today!



So, engineers, are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey? Consider these factors, embrace the excitement, and get ready to take your workshop to new heights in Singapore. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are waiting for you. Happy engineering!

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