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Selecting the Right Milwaukee Impact Wrench for Cars and Vans

Selecting the Right Milwaukee Impact Wrench for Cars and Vans

Choosing the right Milwaukee impact wrench can be a daunting task especially with the large variety of tools available. In this article, we help you to narrow your search and focus on getting your work done in the most efficient manner.

Consider what Vehicle you are working on

A typical user will work with motorcycles and cars. Usually a 1/2" Impact Wrench is appropriate and should be considered for its versatility.

Are you an Car Enthusiast or a Heavy User

Whether you are a car enthusiast or heavier workshop user for work, the Milwaukee Impact Wrenches in 1/2" are the ideal choice for you, providing enough power and run time for your activities.

If you are a car enthusiast looking to loosen tires or nuts, we suggest

12V Stubby Impact Wrench (M12 FIW)

This should be sufficient for lighter duty applications. It is also compact and a single battery charge should be a good addition to your tool box. An additional consideration would be:

12V Right Angle Impact Wrench (M12 FRAIW)

This is great for work in tight spaces or angles in which the Stubby Impact Wrench has difficulty in reaching. There is also no need to add adaptors which may reduce the power of the impact wrench.

For business users, there are 3 choices which you can consider.

1) M18 Stubby Impact Wrench (M18 FIW)
This set gives sufficient run time for long hours of work


2) M18 Mid Torque Impact Wrench (M18 FMTIWF12)
This set is useful to open up drive shafts and also rusted parts. With a breakaway torque of almost 900Nm, 95% of your applications that would require a breaking bar or manual force can be solved in a matter of seconds. It also has a nut setting function for increased versatility.


3) M18 High Torque Impact Wrench (M18 FHIWF12)
This Impact Wrench gives you a large range of torque for fastening through 3 quick mode selections. It is also an all in one tool with a 4th function to remove very tough parts with up to 1627Nm of breakaway torque


We hope that this short article helps your search for the right Milwaukee Tool for the Job. Please feel free to contact us should you have further questions!



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