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Impact Driver vs Hammer Drill? What do you need?

Impact Driver vs Hammer Drill? What do you need?

Impact Drivers and Hammer Drills.
Tools that are very similar but function differently. Impact Drivers are slightly lighter weight and are more suitable for screwing. Hammer Drills are more versatile and suitable for making holes in metal and concrete.

Hammer Drill Concrete

What our customers say

"I like using impact drivers because we have many electrical panel connections. The tool is lightweight and able to get the job done quickly" - Mr Tang, Electrician 

"The hammer drill helps us to do simple duct fixing and also light anchoring on the wall. One tool solves everything" - Mr Lee, Renovation contractor 

Which of them should you rely on? Well it really depends what you are fixing and the material youre working on!


Can I just have a cheat sheet to see what's best? Yes! Here it is.

Material Impact Driver Hammer Drill
Metal Yes Yes
Wood Yes Yes
Plastic Yes Yes
Concrete Nope. No knocking power Yes. Please use the hammer function.


To work on concrete, you will ALWAYS need a hammer drill. Hammer drills are good for light concrete work (think putting screws into the wall to hang paintings). For heavy concrete work you will still need a rotary hammer.


Its all in the head. Literally.

Impact drivers have 1/4" hex heads. This means you need a bit set (such as one from Heytec) as attachments. Bit holders slot into this hex head, and you can choose from a wide variety of bits for attachments.

milwaukee impact driver head

These attachments fix to a variety of heads including TORX heads, hex heads as well as sockets for nuts.


heytec bits for hammer drill

In short - if you are ONLY fixing screws into anything other than concrete: use an impact driver.



Hammer Drills have 13mm drill chucks. Modern hammer drills come with keyless chucks. You can attach drill bits for concrete, wood and metal, or hole saws to this chuck for any application.

hammer drill keyless chuck singapore

In short - if you are making holes or drilling concrete, use a hammer drill. You can also use hammer drills with the bit sets described above for screws



If youre still confused - drop us a message and we'll help you pick something for your specific needs!

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