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How to Use Epoxy Putties for Metal Restoration

How to Use Epoxy Putties for Metal Restoration

Can using epoxy putties to repair pipes, casings and fittings really save you money? We help you understand where and how you can use putties to restore metal parts.

Understanding chemicals has always seemed to be an intimidating and confusing problem. With such a wide variety of packing types, ways of hardening and compositions - the science can be really confusing. In this post, we aim to explain this as simply and quickly as we can.

What is an Epoxy Putty?

Epoxy Putty Diamant Emergency RepairGorilla Epoxy Putty Stick

Epoxy putties are widely available. You often find them in your local hardware shop in 2 tubes for small repairs. For larger repairs : you often find epoxy putties in 2 tubs. The following are key attributes of epoxy putties

  • Cures by mixing a Resin and a Hardener
  • Requires fixed mixing ratios to harden
  • Volume does not change much when hardening
  • Generally resistant to temperatures and chemicals

Epoxy putties come with a variety of metal or plastic fillings and start to harden after the resin and hardener are mixed. A chemical reaction occurs and your mixed putty can feel slightly warm. Epoxy putties also come in a variety of viscosities (think of how water and honey flow differently) and temperature resistances.

Where can I use Epoxy Putties?

Epoxy putties are useful to repair both large cracks and holes or small gaps. Usually the repair work is rough so additional mechanical work to give a better look.

Epoxy Putty Repair Pipe Crack

Do epoxy putties save you money? Yes they do. Often, you will find such compounds more accessible for larger repairs that require a quick and easy spreading to cover cracks and patches. Depending on the amount of vibration, temperature and pressure - you may have to select different putties for your metal restoration work. They are often used to repair : pipes, shafts, ship propellers and other areas like pump casings and impeller housings.

Are Epoxy Repairs Permanent?

In most cases Epoxy Repairs are very long lasting and can be permanent if there is little external stress on the repaired areas.

How do I Use Epoxies?

  1. Clean and Roughen Repair Surface.
  2. Mix Resin and Hardener on a cardboard  with a spatula or putty knife till a consistent colour is seen. Ratio of Resin and Hardener must be followed strictly.
  3. Apply on surface generously. It is important to fill the surrounding area with more putty so that a uniform strength can be achieved
  4. Wait for putty to cure before resuming operation of your damaged part.

Heres a quick video from Gorilla Company for small area repairs.

 For Industrial Applications, here is a video on at higher pressures of 100 bars with Diamant Ultrametal Epoxy Putties for emergency Repairs:


We are proud to bring you quality epoxies in President Trading. Do drop us a message when needed.

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