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5 Steps to Pick a Digital Caliper

5 Steps to Pick a Digital Caliper

Choosing a digital caliper can be a difficult task - with a wide range of prices, models and brands: it is sometimes difficult to make the right purchase decision. Here are some tips to pick the right caliper for your needs. This guide helps you to make the right decision with 5 simple steps.

STEP #1 : Decide on the Length

Most commonly - you will be looking for a caliper about 150mm / 6" and 200mm / 8" as this suits most workshop measuring purposes. Larger sizes are also common up to 1000mm. Consider something dynamic but not cumbersome. It is important to get something handy!

digital vernier caliper

Picking a digital caliper is a good choice - it has both mm and inch readings. Another detail of consideration could be your preference for thumbrolls or the size of the digit display... these are individual preferences that you may want to keep a lookout for.

STEP #2 : Determine the Functions You Require

Your work purpose and application will determine the requirements for your measuring tool.

Calibration Laboratory / Quality Control:

You may want to consider something with a data output as you need to record multiple measurements for documentation purposes. Additionally, you may consider higher precision calipers up to 0.001mm. 

For high accuracy calipers, you can contact us directly for further information and assistance.

Workshop / Inspection:

It is important to pick a durable caliper - something that is able to withstand exposure to hands filled with coolants / liquids. Here you can consider IP 67 / IP 54 digital calipers. The IP rating stands for ingress protection and the numbers state the level of protection. 

Other factors you could consider are your measurement needs: do you require a fraction function for simple reading of inch measurements? This is a simple example of a caliper with inches in fraction.


On Board a Vessel:

Pick the workhorse model. Something durable and waterproof. You will not need to go specifically for the IP 67 coolant proof models or the ones with fractional reading: - pick a waterproof model that has seals to protect against corrosion on your electronics.

Digital Caliper with Foam Inlay waterproof

The caliper above for example - comes in a foam inlay which prevents unnecessary shocks when carried. It also comes with a thumblocking mechanism on the top and is sealed with rubber gaskets on the edges and another rubber piece to protect the battery.


DIY / Utility Measurements:

Fast and accurate measurements are something that you can rely on - even for casual applications. For DIY and ultility measurements, you may consider an entry level caliper from a reputed brand. This allows you to benefit from the quality control processes for accuracy. You may also want to consider calipers with additional graduation - in case you are only using this once in a while and the battery is flat: you can still get your (estimated) readings!


STEP #3 : Consider Special Measurement Needs

Certain applications may require special length of jaws and also extra long jaws. Do you need additional parts for this? Are there attachments or jaws available to get an accurate measurement?

Here is an example of measurements that may require special jaws. A slight pointed tip is needed to get a measurement inside the grooves.

Inside Caliper with Grooves



STEP #4: Calibration

If you are using the caliper for professional use. We recommend getting the product calibrated by an accredited laboratory. This has to be done regularly and in your company name.


STEP #5: Final Selection

From the above , you should be able to narrow your selection to a few models you are interested in.

Finally, pick a supplier you can trust. How fast does the supplier respond to your needs? How much do they know about the product? Is there sufficient assurance of quality and support after your purchase?

If you need further support - feel free to reach out to our technical representatives here. If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share this on your social media feed so we can help others.

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