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How 3D Printing will Change Manufacturing

How 3D Printing will Change Manufacturing

Industrial 3D Printing is at a tipping point , moving beyond its roots of rapid prototyping, tooling and toys. Now known as additive manufacturing, parts are manufactured for larger batches of customized production.

Will 3D printing be able to replace conventional manufacturing? We think it will as the technology continues to grow and consumers, businesses and governments embrace the idea of mass customization mixed with mass production.

Sales of Industrial Grade 3D printers are rapidly increasing

There have been rapid increases in sales of industrial grade 3D printing machines. In 2014, companies like GE invested in the technology for rapid prototyping and other custom builds. However, composite materials and other substrates were not a cost effective or sustainable solution. The technology has improved in recent years - allowing cheaper, faster and more sustainable production.

Most recently - a house was 3D printed! Check out this cool video of the inside. 
You will notice the dramatic improvement in productivity and also the ability to form organic shapes with more curves - something difficult for conventional concrete and rebar work.


Quality of 3D printing is improved

Materials that are used in 3D printing are continually improved, can be researched on in isolation and are easy to transport. Unlike conventional manufacturing: 3D printing generally takes up a smaller footprint on the manufacturing floor and can be easily automated.

There are also innovations in strengthening the integrity of 3D printed products. Diamant Dichtol for example, creeps into the fine cracks of composite materials, to seal gaps and allow for stronger structural production. With temperature resistance up to 650C, this is suitable for use in many areas including turbocharger parts that may need to be custom made.

With technologies like these, it will be easier to see how 3D printed parts can be durable, customizable and lasting repairs of the future.


3D Printing in Singapore

Singapore is a forward looking nation and is committed to move to Industry 4.0. This is no longer just a tagline, but symbolizes a key shift in production, mass production with mass customization. This allows personalized production of objects at scale. 

We currently work with several 3D printing shops who require good quality porosity filling compounds from Diamant Dichtol.

It is exciting to be on the cusp of a new age of innovation! 3D printing looks like it will change industrial production and it will be interesting to see how the technology continues to be adopted for advanced manufacturing.

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