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Gorilla Tape: Product Review

Gorilla Tape: Product Review

Gorilla Tapes are recognized for their ability to patch holes, repair cracks and sometimes seal water leaks.

Today - we do a short review of the various Gorilla Tapes and their uses.

1. Gorilla Tape in Black White and Silver
2. Gorilla Clear Repair Tape
3. Gorilla All Weather Tape
4. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

1) Gorilla Tape Test


Gorilla Tape

This is the base model of the Gorilla Tape line. Gorilla claims that the product is 3X stronger than other adhesive tapes. The tape comes in white, black and silver at price points that reflect this claim.

So: is it worth your money?

We did a couple of tests on the standard tape for your reference. Tapes were stuck onto a clean surface and tested by putting 3 strips out into the rain / sun for 20 days.

Moisture and UV are often reasons why tapes fail. This is a simple test with no scientific measurements. Tapes were inspected after each instance of rain or at the end of the day.

Material Standard Tape Competitor Quality Tape Gorilla Tape
Plastic Passed Passed Passed
Wood Fail after 3 days Passed Passed
Concrete Fail after first rain Varied Results Passed
Metal Fail after 14 days Passed Passed
Tile Fail after first rain Varied Results Passed
Stone Fail after 5 days Varied Results Varied Results
Fabric Fail after 20 days Passed Passed
Inflatable Material Fail Varied Results Passed


Passed - Indicates the tape still served its purpose
Varied Results - Samples that pass are not as sticky as when first applied.
Fail - All test samples fell off the material


Did Gorilla Tapes fare better than the competition?

Yes. The adhesive remained strong and difficult to peel in most cases. It should be noted that the while the competitor tape performed well, Gorilla inched out with better results on all surfaces except stone.


Why did Gorilla Tapes perform better?

Gorilla Tapes have thicker backing material. This allows for a stronger backing that protects against external moisture. It also helps to prevent UV from degrading the tape as much over longer periods. The instances where Gorilla Tape had mixed results were when moisture was allowed to enter from the adhesive base. This depends largely on the porosity of the material.

Gorilla Tape


We also did a simple test to see if Gorilla Tape held underwater.

Gorilla Tape does work underwater. However, as with all adhesives and tapes, it is better to apply the product above water so it can bond to a clean and dry surface. For example - to stick items inside a swimming pool : a longer length of tape is required to stick to the tiles. More tape means more strength.

For such repairs we suggest - Gorilla Tough & Wide Tape. This may save you time and excess tape cutting.

Gorilla Tape Tough and Wide

If you wish to use Gorilla Tape underwater - try to apply it as quickly as possible or consider Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Tape.


2) Gorilla Clear Repair Tape

This is a good product because it is crystal clear. Aesthetics are quite important when making some repairs. For example: tears in tents, inflatable materials like beach balls and other leisure items.

Gorilla Clear Repair Tape
Gorilla Crystal Clear Repair Tape comes in a slightly shorter roll that the standard tape - but has a nicer look. It could always be handy in your tool box.
Repairing Inflatable Using Gorilla Tape

3) Gorilla All Weather Tape

We did a simple test similar to the above. Gorilla All Weather Tape appears to do better on stone compared to the standard Gorilla Tape. Also it has some more adhesive strength at low temperatures (3 to 5 C)

4) Gorilla Patch and Seal Tape

Gorilla Patch and Seal Tape is stated being able to seal water leaks and patch holes even when liquid is running. This product has very high adhesive strength after removing the protective layer and should be applied on the surface without repositioning.

Gorilla Tape Patch and Seal


Here are some tips to apply Gorilla Patch and Seal Tape correctly

    1. Ensure the surface is clean , rust and oil free if possible
    2. Apply the tape in one motion
    3. Ensure that the areas the tape sticks on are free of air bubbles and flat if possible

      From our experience, Gorilla Patch and Seal works on most leaks. If the liquid leaking has oil or comes at a higher pressure, this will affect the adhesive strength of the Patch and Seal Tape. It is good to consider lowering the pressure through other mechanical means.

      It is important to apply the tape in a way that there is more tape sticking on dry surfaces outside. This ensures the tape sticks for a long time even when there is light water seepage caused by air bubbles during application.



      Gorilla Tapes do perform better than the competition.

      1. Better quality adhesive used
      2. Better material backing than most tapes (UV and water resistance)
      3. Thicker and more durable material backing in general

      We hope you found our article useful and encourage you to share it with others!


      *This article has tests that reflect individual views about the product and are in no way endorsed by Gorilla USA. No product warranties or claims are made from this opinion piece and this opinion should not be used to rely on any claim* 

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