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Digital Anemometer (No Extension)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Electric Digital Anemometer is an easy to set up measuring device to test wind speeds.

It can be used in HVAC systems, shipping industries and also pump manufacturers to measure the airflow of machines and ventilation systems.


    • Rugged, polyamide housing material gives durability when in use
    • Tripod mounting screw on the rear side for hands free measurements
    • Large LCD display with clear reading and backlight to work even in dimly lit areas
    • Multiple Wind speed unit selection: m/s; Ft/min; Knots; Km/h; Mph
    • Max.-value and data hold button, average and current speed measuring ensures that data capturing is accurate
    • Temperature reading in °C and °F, switchable


    • Wind speed: 0.3 ~ 30 m/s
    • Wing volume range: 0 ~ 999900
    • Resolution speed: 0.1 m/s
    • Resolution Temperature: 0.2 °C
    • Max. total accuracy wing speed: ± 0.1 digits
    • Max. total accuracy Temperatur: ± 2 °C
    • Dimension: 165 mm x 85 mm x 38 mm