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Dial Caliper IP40 (0.02mm graduation)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Dial Caliper is used for internal and external measurements and makes readings easier compared to a traditional vernier caliper.

  • Shockproof dial housing prevents accidental damage
  • Dust resistant housing ensures accurate, uncontaminated readings
  • 0.02mm graduation gives measurements more accurate than most vernier calipers
  • Large dial face makes for clear readings
  • Fine adjustment with fixing screw and thumbroll

Shockproof and Dust Proof caliper with a large dial to indicate measurement.
For measuring of lengths of precision parts.


SKU Length
201102 150mm
201103 200mm
201104 300mm


Technical Information

Measuring range: 0 - 300 mm
Resolution: 0.02 mm
Pointer rotation: 2 mm
Caliper jaw length: 48 mm
Caliper jaws (cross shape): 19.5 mm
Depth gauge: flat

DIN 862, IP 40

  • Stainless steel, hardened
  • Measuring rail matt chrome finish, laser engraved scale
  • Jaws finely ground and lapped
  • With thumb roll for fine adjustment and fixing screw