Carpenter Try Square

VOGEL (Germany)

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VOGEL Carpenter Try Square is used to measure and mark perpendicular planes in carpentry and metal work.

It is better than conventional squares because of its sturdy, non rust aluminium design and accurate laser engraved scale.

  • No Glare Reading  Black anodized aluminium blade does not reflect light
  • Accurate measurement Laser engraved scale for clear reading and does not fade over time
  • Rust Free Aluminium does not rust like steel squares and is more wear resistant on the base than plastic squares
  • Graduation on front and back, with 45° mitre at base for quick and easy reference measurements


Measuring range: 200 mm / 8 inch , 300mm / 12 inch
Length of handle: 130 mm
Cross section (steel blade): 40 mm x 2.0 mm
Cross section (handle): 40 mm x 12.0 mm
graduation =  mm - mm / inch - inch / mm-mm depending on the angle


Vogel Try square aluminium and laser engraved