Tool Box with Modules (96pc)

HEYTEC (Germany)

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96pc tool set complete with all tools for general work.

Contains 5 Modules

  1. 1/2" Socket set, Extension bar and Ratchet
  2. Bits, Ball head hex key, punches
  3. Hammers, Pliers, LED Torchlight with magnetic pickup
  4. Screwdrivers (Cross and Flat)
  5. Open end ring wrenches, penknife and 5M measuring tape

Easy view of all tools and modules.
Perfect for small workshops or quick check to see if all tools are in place.
Foam inlay for all tools make transportation easy.

Lifetime guarantee.

Weight: 14kg


Saver Profile is a unique innovation on Heyco and Heytec Wrenches
By ensuring even torque distribution, it prevents rounding of tool. Allowing both the wrench and workpiece to last longer.

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