Bicycle Spray Wax

AUTOSOL (Germany)

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Autosol Bicycle Spray Wax gives your bicycle a brilliant gloss to paint, metal and plastic surfaces in a single wipe. Be proud of a professional looking bike that stands out from the crowd.

Contains a heavily researched spray on wax that protects bicycle frames from weathering. 

Has dual function to prevent dirt and grime from sticking the the frame.

Achieve a high-end look instantly. Shine without overgloss.


Classy shine in 30 seconds

  • Repellant layer prevents any dirt from sticking
  • Instant effect lets you have gloss in a single wipe. 
  • Suitable for matt frames offers protection and does not over shine the surface


polished bicycle autosol spray wax


Made in Germany.

Microplastic free and has no dangerous aerosol components.